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Product introduction

Full Of Fashion Lighting Enterprise

Creative lighting enterprise

Roducts include: "absorb dome light, droplight, desk lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp" Suitable for home, hotel, club, villas and other places

Art Essence, Pursuit Of Perfection

The pursuit of perfect

Bo da people adhering to the contemporary academic quality and classic art essence Create realm of spirit pursuit of perfection

Production process

Raw materials into a bubble

The high-temperature heating with good materials to form homogeneous glass without bubbles. This is a very complex physical and chemical reaction process. Melted in the melting furnace of glass.

Glass into a fixed shape

Will have good glass melted into a fixed shape of solid products. Forming must be carried out in a certain temperature range, it is a cooling process, the glass first by the viscous liquid into a plastic state, and then into a brittle solid state.

Cutting glass modelling

Using ultra stress grinding wheel in wire cutting; Further cutting and flat glass deep processing was done on the large automatic cutting machine.